I'm an applied microeconomist.

My research is on health economics, labor economics, and public policy.

At the University of Kansas, I'm affiliated with the Department of Economics and the Institute for Policy & Social Research.

My full CV is here.

Work in Progress

"Rocket Attacks in Israel: The Human Capital Consequences of Terrorism" (with Dan Zeltzer).

"Pregnant Residents, Duty Hour Reforms, and Birth Outcomes" (with Bapu Jena).

"Lead in the Water and Birth Outcomes: The Case of Flint" (with Dan Grossman).

"The Health of Undocumented Immigrants" (with George Borjas).

"Do Insurers Cut Rehabilitation Reimbursements to Cross Subsidize New Drugs?" (with Rena Conti and Arthur Gershkoff).

"Unnecessary Hospitalization and Patient Outcomes" (with Janet Currie).

Working Papers

"Did Medicaid Expansion Reduce Medical Divorce?" (with Donna Ginther).  NBER Working Paper No. 23139.

Covered in San Francisco ChronicleAmerican Journal of Managed CareSlate, KU Today, Vox, Fortune Magazine, WIBW, Becker's Hospital Review, Men's Health Magainze, and The Incidental Economist.

"Does the ACA's Medicaid Expansion Improve Health?" (with Rina Na).

"Medically Necessary but Forbidden: Reproductive Health Care in Catholic-owned Hospitals" (with Elaine Hill).

"Within Mother Effects of Birth Weight & Birth Spacing on Educational Outcomes" (with Elaine Hill).

"The Impact of Women’s Health Clinic Closures on Fertility" (with Yao Lu)

Peer Reviewed Publications

"Defunding Women's Health Clinics Exacerbates Hispanic Disparity in Preventive Care" Forthcoming at Economic Letters.

"Birth Spacing and Educational Outcomes" (with Elaine Hill). Forthcoming at Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research.

"Second Trimester Sunlight and Asthma: Evidence from Two Independent Studies" (with Nils Wernerfelt and Richard Zeckhauser). Forthcoming at American Journal of Health Economics.  Also NBER Working Paper No. 20599.

Covered in Harvard Kennedy School ArticlesFiveThirtyEight, KU Today, and Yahoo News.

"Significant Placebo Results in Difference-in-Differences Analysis: The Case of the ACA’s Parental Mandate"  Forthcoming at Eastern Economic Journal.

"The Impact of Women's Health Clinic Closures on Preventive Care" (with Yao Lu). American Economics Journal: Applied Economics, July 2016, 8(3): 100–124.

Covered in Capital IdeasVox, KU Today, Channel 6 Lawrence News, The University Daily Kansan, NPR, AEA Research Highlights, and The Academic Health Economists' Blog.

University of Kansas Courses

ECON 177 First-Year Seminar on the Affordable Care Act (Fall 2016) [Syllabus]

ECON 520 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory  (Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017) [Syllabus]

ECON 640 Labor Economics (Spring 2017) [Syllabus]

Princeton University Courses

ECO 202 Statistics and Data Analysis for Economics with Professor Ulrick K. Mueller (Spring 2013)

WWS 307 / ECO 349 Public Economics with Professor Elizabeth C. Bogan (Fall 2012, Fall 2013)

ECO 981 Junior Independent Work, Workshop on "Writing an Economics Prospectus" with Dr. Judith Swan (Fall 2012, Fall 2013)



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